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Nintendo Fan Network
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Nintendo Fan Network 


Ordering alcohol through a Nintendo system is somewhat strange.
Ordering alcohol through a Nintendo system is somewhat strange.

The Nintendo Fan Network can be downloaded for free from one of several kiosks throughout Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. The app, which is only functional within the stadium, allows fans who bring their Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS to a Seattle Mariners game to get real-time stats as the game progresses, check scores of other games throughout Major League Baseball, play mini-games, and even have food & drink delivered to their seats.

When the app first launched in 2007, there was a $5 fee to use it and the app would delete itself from the Nintendo DS once the system was powered off completely. With the introduction of the Nintendo DSi in April 2009, it became possible to download and save applications to the system. The Nintendo Fan Network was updated to make use of the new hardware while also becoming entirely free to use.


Food & Beverages

Arguably the most interesting feature of the Nintendo Fan Network is the ability to have food and drinks delivered to the user’s seat. Many traditional ballpark menu items are available including hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, soft drinks, and even beer. There is a delivery fee added to each order.


This feature lets fans read the latest headlines from throughout the league.

MLB Stats & Standings

Get up to date statistics on league leaders as well as division by division standings.

MLB in Action

Live updates on other games going on throughout Major League Baseball.

Fan Network Games

The games section of the app includes several minigames and compete with other fans in the stadium. Some of the games included are baseball trivia and word searches. Other games actually interact with the ongoing game in real-time. For example, one of the games allows players to guess the location of the next pitch.

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