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Show HN: The Newsletter That Teaches Portuguese – In 5 Minutes a Day

Show HN: The Newsletter That Teaches Portuguese – In 5 Minutes a Day 

What is DailyNata?

It’s a newsletter that we send out every single day. The goal is to teach Portuguese while keeping the process interesting. We believe that by being exposed to bits of Portuguese each day, you’ll eventually learn enough words to show off your skills the next time you visit the country.

What about the pronunciation?

There’s more than one way to learn a language. We believe that if you learn enough vocabulary, you will naturally become interested in learning other aspects of Portuguese. Once you are there, you can hire a private teacher, watch Portuguese movies or listen to songs while reading their lyrics.

How can I learn Portuguese this way?

Consistency is one of the core elements when it comes to learning anything. By learning one sentence every single day, you get to build up your knowledge of Portuguese. Within a year, you will know around 1000 new words, without putting much effort.

Will DailyNata remain free?

Yes. In the future, we may introduce a platform or a book, but our goal is to keep the daily newsletter free for life.

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