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Ask HN: Best non-commercial source-available license? 

I created a moderately successful documentation tooling project in my 20s when I had more time and enthusiasm. It has been 13 years and the code base needs some love.

I don’t have the enthusiasm that I used to and additionally some large (multi-million dollar) companies are using it and I don’t know how to go about getting it properly funded. I’m only interested in doing the hard work to improve the code base and execution performance if it is funded.

I have created an Open Collective but lack the understanding of how to go about getting companies to contribute to it.

My current thought it to fork off and do the work in a non-commercial, source-available licensed code base with an optional paid commercial usage approach but I feel like that isn’t generally a well recognised option and I’m not sure why.

I love and respect open source in many ways but my attitudes to it have changed and I wish it was much more standard for maintainers to be funded but I struggle to know the best way forward.

Does anyone have recommendations on the non-commercial, source-available approach?

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