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Is Canada an Undervalued Gem?

Is Canada an Undervalued Gem? 

Here’s a take from the pov of a tech worker living in the US –
Canada has low crime, good schools, not polluted, no problem with gun violence, no school shootings, pro choice. Tech jobs are relatively easy to find, and the weather in major cities is no better or worse than equivalent cities in the US (Vancouver ~ Seattle, Toronto ~ NYC or Chicago).

Is Canada already what many of us would like the US to be? Why aren’t more immigrants considering this undervalued gem?


    • Canada has lower taxes than USA for capital gains and business income.

    • Healthcare makes sense. Yeah a high earned in the us will probably have better healthcare. But that’s not the only factor right? Kids education for example is something you probably don’t have to save hundreds of thousands for

  • Canadian here.

    It’s an absolute shit hole.

    1. Highest cost of housing
    2. Low paying jobs
    3. High taxes
    4. Woke government and policies
    5. Blatant money laundering
    6. Prevalent Economic Immobility
    7. No real innovation

    • Agree 100%, I left Canada for the States for exactly those reasons, no one I know with the option to leave hasn’t already, those that stick around do it for family or immigration purposes only.

      You have to understand that Canada is a country that relies on immigrants to prop up the economy, the newer ones subsidizing the old ones, and extrapolate all the above from there. It’s great if you have college age kids (world class university education that is dirt cheap) or retired (if you’re healthy and young, don’t expect to see a doctor more than once a decade, the healthcare system is so bad it might as well not exist). But if you’re a young ambitious person, especially in tech, you can secure yourself and your family a much higher quality of life in the States, just need to be smart about where you base yourself.

      I will disagree with number 7 though, there is actually quite a number of innovative startups popping up, but they’re all funded in the States while paying crappy Canadian salaries so same difference I guess lol.

    • Another Canadian here who GTFO out of that sinking ship for the listed reasons. This is all 100% true.

  • Housing is very expensive. Not enough high paying jobs.

    • US has ~7 intentional homicides per 100k vs Canada’s 2/100k people. Rates are higher here, but yearly trend is similar.

    • You should learn about media and confirmation bias, OP. Again, you have a much higher chance of dying in a car.

  • Lol no. US is miles better. Look at what your country was doing to people during lockdowns. Canada is a bad country.

    • What an idiotic post, upvoted an idiotic amount.

    • Cox automotive prolly also thinks the earth is flat and vaccines have tracking chips in them

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