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Now anyone can create a map they love

Felt’s drawing tools make mapping easy and fun.

Marker, Highlighter and Notes allow you to treat a map like a pad of paper.

Smart, map-aware tools like Route and Clip make drawing along roads and boundaries a snap.

Photos, Links, and Videos make maps internet-native for the first time.

Felt brings the simple elegance of modern creative software to the world of maps.


Bring your map to life with world-class data

Felt was built to support any and all data a map-maker needs.

Never wait for a dataset to load again. Where typical internet maps take 30+ seconds to load after each pan and zoom, Felt loads in under 300ms.

Comes with a built-in library of 50+ data layers, hand-curated to be reliable and high quality.

Have your own data? Bringing it in is as simple as drag and drop.

We deal with data so you don’t have to.

Internet native

Share your map with anyone in a single click

Felt was built to work anywhere the internet does.

Every map has a unique link, for seamless sharing with your team, the public, or social media.

Felt maps work on desktop, tablet, and mobile without skipping a beat.

Live multi-player editing is built in. Invite collaborators and work together in real time.

For the first time, maps are as easy to share as documents and photos!

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