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Ask HN: How can I optimize seed leverage with new YC’s $500k Standard Deal? 

I don’t know how much dilution can a SaaS startup negotiate at seed round, given the performance number below + YC new deal. I’d love your help with opinions and comments.

I’m not in any YC batch just yet. I like the new $500k standard deal from Y Combinator because (if I were accepted to the future batch), I can then hire 10 Vietnamese employees and extend my runway to 24-27 months for better growth.

Here are the numbers:
* $2.5k MRR at 15% MoM
* target growth is 30%
* seed raising target of $3M
* target MRR at seed fundraising is $180k
* might take 18 to 24 months to reach that target MRR

Based on the data above, I have a few questions:
* at what dilution can I negotiate with seed investor given those number?
* would that be in pre-money or post money SAFE
* what else can be done to optimize leverage at seed fundraising?

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