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Russia-Ukraine Latest News: June 7, 2022 – Bloomberg

Russia-Ukraine Latest News: June 7, 2022 – Bloomberg 

David Westin speaks with top names in finance about the week’s biggest issues on Wall Street.
Simulcast of Bloomberg Television
For decades, scientists have been trying to build a long-lasting replacement for the human heart. Now, an Australian inventor believes he’s cracked one of the hardest problems in medicine.
Sir Paul Mccartney Electrifies Glastonbury With Guests Springsteen and Grohl
California Tentative Deal Offers Up to $1,050 Gas Price Relief
Amazon Staff Demand Ban of Books Calling Transgender People Mentally Ill
Social Media Buzz: Gun Legislation, Abortion, Norway
Thaksin Family Scion Is Top Choice of Thais in Survey for PM Job
Rep. Mary Miller Calls Roe Decision ‘Victory for White Life’
Tourmaline Surge Propels Mike Rose’s Stake Past C$1 Billion
Billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros Slam Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision
With Roe Overturned, Canada Could Become an Abortion Destination
Lightning Win Game 5, Deny Avs Chance to Take Stanley Cup
America’s Constitution Is Conservative, Like It or Not
Criminalizing Abortion Will Hurt Black Women Most
Supreme Court Un-Separates Church and State
Moving to Ban Juul, the FDA Delivers a Blow to Big Nicotine
Why You Should Quit Your Job After 10 Years
A Sci-Fi Novel’s Eerily Accurate Predictions About Today’s Tech
Planned Parenthood Utah Files Lawsuit Over State’s Trigger Ban
Washington to Block Anti-Abortion States From Accessing ID Data
The Chief Stands Alone: Roberts, Roe and a Divided Supreme Court
Milan to Turn Off Fountain Spigots as Drought Bakes Italy
Sorry Elon Musk. Hyundai Is Quietly Dominating the EV Race
Amid a Weekend of Demonstrations, Asian Americans Will Have Their First National Rally
Local Officials Beef Up Abortion Sanctuary Cities
Sweltering Cities Can’t Keep Enough Swimming Pools Open
Bitcoin Options Point to Positive Signs After Rout, Traders Say
Singapore Regulator Praises Leaders of Crypto Firms Like Binance
Thiel-backed Bitpanda Cuts Hundreds of Jobs on Crypto Tumult
Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a tentative return to the public arena, saying President Vladimir Putin made a “big mistake” by invading Ukraine and warning that isolating Russia isn’t possible over the long term.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Ankara for talks that may restart grain shipments out of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, while Kyiv is skeptical of the Kremlin’s intentions and seeking strong security guarantees that would allow it to export a key commodity.


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