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AOL 3.0 Finally Reverse Engineered

AOL 3.0 Finally Reverse Engineered 

I’ve recently joined the RE-AOL team – which has just successfully reverse engineered aolserver for AOL 3.0. It was done by a Canadian programmer named Zip. It’s written in Python, a language he taught himself for this project — making it his first Python project ever.

TL;DR It’s now possible to “Sign On” to AOL 3.0 in 2022. Here’s a screen shot:


The backend of AOL, or rather the forms embedded in its client, are written in a scripting language from 1991 aptly named FDO91. It is poorly documented but we work with what we’ve got. We’re actively trying to get VPD/Rainman running for easy form design, but using notepad in the meantime with assets pulled from various main.idx files from old C:AOL30 installs. It’s a challenging process overall.

“You’ve got spam!”

If you want to sign on, join our discord @ and check out the #setup-and-get-connected channel. It contains installers for both 16 and 32 bit versions of AOL 3.0 with the tcp.ccl files modified to point at our Python aolserver, as well as applying the necessary compatibility settings. We’re currently in the Alpha phase of development and non-Guest account logins are presently restricted to early adopters. There are currently only a handful of registered Screen Names.

I plan to add to this entry — so feel free to bookmark it and check back at a later date for updates.


P.S. My Screen Name is “God” so don’t forget to add me to your Buddy List and send me an IM. We also have functioning chat rooms. Have fun.

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