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Control Facial Muscles with Joystick

Control Facial Muscles with Joystick 

ROS-Face is a project that aims to manipulate human facial muscles using the ros system.
You can control human facial expressions just as you would control a robot.


Demo movie

maHidaka is not responsible for any accidents or damages caused by this project. Use of this code is at your own risk and is subject to the BSD2-Clause license.


install rosserial

The ros environment must have been established in advance.
We have already confirmed that it works with melodic. Other versions may also work.

sudo apt install ros-melodic-rosserial-arduino
sudo apt install ros-melodic-rosserial



Upload sketch to Arduino Uno

Main sketch is here “ROS_FACE/ros_face_Arduino/src/main.cpp”.

Upload this sketch to arduino using platformio.
For more information about platformio and how to upload the sketch using ArduinoIDE, please refer to the instructions on another site.

Example usage

  1. cd catkin_ws/src
  2. git clone
  3. catkin build
  4. roslaunch ros_face_apps face_control_joy.launch

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