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Fig adds IDE-style autocomplete to your existing terminal. Move faster with Fig.

Fig isn’t a standalone terminal. We integrate with the tools that you already use.


Autocomplete for cd, git, docker, npm, yarn, kubectl, brew, aws and hundreds more! New completions added daily.

Built for speed

Your Terminal is fast. So is Fig.

Keyboard first

But you can use your mouse if you’d like


Completion specs are open source and built by the community

Individuals & teams

Use Fig for public CLI tools, or for your team’s internal ones


Fig loads up once then remains entirely local


Sensitive data is never tracked

Easily write completions using a declarative Typescript schema. Share them with your team or the community.

Open Source

Fig’s completions are all open source and powered by contributions from the community.


Learn how to add autocompletion to any CLI tool or script in less than 3 minutes.

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Build your own apps with the fig.js API. Share them with your team or the community.

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