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Things I can’t do on macOS which I can do on Ubuntu

Things I can’t do on macOS which I can do on Ubuntu 

I’ve never “got” the appeal of a Mac. But I have to use one for work.

Here’s a partial list of everything I cannot do on a Mac, but I can do on Ubuntu.

These are all objective facts. These are things which either are impossible, or require adding unsupported 3rd party software – sometimes at a cost.

  • Resize the system font
    • I find the menu bar at the top too small. The only way to do this on MacOS is to lower the resolution of the entire screen!
  • Change the system font
    • I know you like Helvetica San Francisco – but I find it a bit too thin to read.
  • Focus Follow Mouse
    • I have multiple screens and multiple windows. I want to be able to hover over a new one and start interacting with it without clicking.
  • Change my mouse button order
  • Read files from MTP devices
    • If I stick a USB cable between my phone and Linux laptop, I can see the Android files on my laptop. I can open them, move them around, etc. On a Mac I need to install some shonky 3rd party software which rarely works.
  • Always on top windows
    • Sometimes I want to keep the calculator on screen while I type an email. Is that too much to ask?
  • No way to remove UI elements.
    • I don’t want a notification icon in the top right of my screen. I prefer having the clock on the left. Trivial in Linux, static in MacOS.
  • Window snapping
    • On Ubuntu, I drag a window to the side or to a corner, and it snaps into position. Vital when using multiple windows at once. On Mac there’s a half-hearted splitscreen view which only supports horizontal splitting. Useless on a vertical monitor.
  • Mount an SSH or NFS drive
    • In Ubuntu, I get a nice little GUI for picking network shares. Impossible on Mac.
  • Wobbly Windows!
    • Seriously MacOS. Where’s the fun?

I know you’re going to be tempted to reply with “you’re using it wrong” – but I’m not. This is how I like to use my computer. And it is clear that the MacBook isn’t my computer – it is Apple’s.
(OK, OK! It belongs to my employer!)

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