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How many years do I buy with a MacBook memory upgrades? 

I have not bought myself a personal laptop since 2012 when I bought the original rMBP on pre-order while it was being announced. The new 16″ MBP has all the things I loved about the original rMBP. In 2012, I maxed out RAM at 16GB and didn’t worry about the 256GB SSD drive. In retrospect, I definitely needed more storage, but not by a huge margin. I honestly never ran into a RAM limit, but I have definitely felt the pain of 8 GB RAM in some X1 ThinkPads running Ubuntu. I really ran out from under Apple’s OS X upgrades before I ran out of RAM. My current 2019 MBP (from work) has 64 GB of RAM, which I surely never use.

So, is it worth getting an M1 Max with 64GB RAM? How many years of future updates will I get? How many years of memory leaks do I buy down with an M1 Max and 64 GB of RAM vs 32GB?

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