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Russia-Ukraine Latest News: March 29 2022 – Bloomberg

Russia-Ukraine Latest News: March 29 2022 – Bloomberg 

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A rocket startup called Astra is on the verge of kickstarting a new era for the business of space.
Russia Faces ‘Reverse Industrialization’ in Sanctions Squeeze
Goldman VP’s £350,000 Bonuses Led Way for London Dealmakers in 2021
Africa’s Last Absolute Monarchy Revives Airline After 23 Years
Korea’s Oldest Conglomerate Turns to Hydrogen Drones for Revival
Gemcorp to Invest $10 Billion in Private Credit Push Into Africa
McCarthy Said in Audio Tape Trump Should Resign Over Jan. 6 Riot
U.K. Plans to Reopen Embassy in Kyiv Next Week, Johnson Says
Russian Oligarchs’ Billions Lead to ‘Madness’ at This Buyout Firm
Expat Bankers Fleeing Hong Kong See No Easy Escape to Singapore
Russian Swimmer Rylov Banned for Appearing At Putin Rally
Is This Dubai’s Most Luxurious Hotel Yet?
This Was the Week the Fed Finally Figured It Out
‘President Le Pen’ Would Be a Disaster for France
Is Wimbledon’s Ban on Russians a Double Fault?
Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s Big Miss
How WALL-E Predicted the Future
Alzheimer’s Trials Exclude Black Patients at ‘Astonishing’ Rate
A New Benefit Is Born to Help Companies Find and Keep Workers
Eric Adams Taps Former Goldman Partner Anadu to Lead Key NYC Board
Half of U.S. Student Loan Borrowers Say They Couldn’t Pay Today
Summer Camps Endangered By Wildfires, Smoke and Heat Waves
U.S. Environmental and Health Rules Pay for Themselves—and Then Some
How Cities Became Accidental Wildlife Havens
California Slow to Sell Housing Bonds as Homelessness Worsens
Berkeley Housing Battle Revives Debate Over Environmental Law
Crypto Billionaire Rankles Wall Street Titans With Derivatives Plan
Russia’s $124 Billion Crypto Market Is Pinched by Ukraine Sanctions
0x Protocol’s Token Jumps Over 50% After Coinbase Partnership
The U.S. said Ukraine’s capital Kyiv remains under threat even after Russia promised to scale back military operations there.
De-escalation does not mean a cease-fire or complete withdrawal of troops from around Kyiv, said a person close to the Kremlin. Moscow’s likely war goals now are to take two eastern provinces, together with a land corridor from the Russian border to the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, they said.


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