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Ask HN: How to get started on Twitch (as non-gamer)? 

I’ve never used Twitch before other than seeing them on youtube, but I’m starting to get more curious about using it as a platform for engaging with an audience and/or building a community etc..

I’m not a gamer and won’t be using it for that. I’m still not sure what I want to use it for, and that’s why I wanted to see how your experiences are with this, what kinds of live-streams you watch or know of, what topics, what format, using what types of features?, etc. And also why people even watch live-streams?? No judging, just curious because I don’t do it myself.

I’m also clueless as to how I would go about actually starting it. ‘Cause it’s not like youtube where I can clean up a video and present it and share it etc etc. Clearly when I start off there’s no audience? So I’m live-streaming to myself? Feels so sad haha. Is it normal to share this afterwards? How does one attract an audience?

Sorry for all the questions! Of course I can just start exploring Twitch myself but it’s a whole ‘nother world and I don’t think it’ll be nearly as wide-scoped as asking on here.


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