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Nintendo World Championships 1990
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Nintendo World Championships 1990 


The Nintendo World Championships 1990 NES game cartridge is a specialized NES title made specifically for competition use and was never made available commercially. In total, 116 cartridges were produced; 90 were made using the standard gray NES game cases, while the remainder used gold cases similar to those used for the first run of The Legend of Zelda. The NWC cartridges are thought of as collector’s items; individual cartridges have been auctioned for thousands of dollars.

The Games

Nintendo World Championships is comprised of three minigames based off of existing NES titles:

  • Super Mario Bros.: Players must collect fifty coins.
  • Rad Racer: Players must complete a race along a custom track created for the Nintendo World Championships.
  • Tetris: Players must simply play Tetris and earn as high a score as possible in the time remaining.

In the official competition, players had six minutes and twenty-one seconds to play through the game. However, dip switches in the cartridge can be set to allow for different time limits. Once time expires, the game ends and the player’s score is tallied.

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