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Differences (What Is the Solution?) 

We are searching and we can’t seem to find what we are searching for?

We dig deep into the past, expecting to find meaning for our present –

The world seemingly goes into and out of a crisis, quicker than like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can change their identities.

What is the solution?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that we need to stop thinking there are no differences, which is the very thing we apparently can’t handle, or for the most part manage, we want to change everybody to think the way we think.

It is I do believe, allowable to have differences: different beliefs, opinions, lifestyles.

What I’m going to say doesn’t change my opinions, it just announces, I have always handled these differences as differences: I have had friends with such differences, such as: homosexuals, it isn’t a problem for me, and he doesn’t need to change for me, just because I’m the opposite, of her; Christ said: “Love everyone.”

Christ will deal with that issue vs. that person.

In a similar manner, I have no hard feelings with Islam, vs. Christianity vs. Judaism.

You don’t have to change, to be right with me, because I believe you belong to Jesus, not me.

But that doesn’t change my opinion on what I believe, and think.

It simply allows me to live with a world of people with differences, instead of trying to change them.

So believe what you want, right or wrong, but put emphases on ‘Truth’; and that should expose right from wrong, as will history.

One of Satan’s goals is to have all religions fighting for ‘The Great Right!’

You see, Mr. Lucifer has a kind of posthumous vendetta to leave the human race, when it’s his time to vanish, a lasting mark, to say he was here:

Hate the homosexual, the prostitute, the criminal, the prisoners, the war mongrels, while supporting their activities at the same time, this is what he does, and does it good, working both sides of the coin.

He says, “The braver the bird, the fatter the cat” meaning, let them fight instead of working out their differences: like in the present situation is the Ukraine conflict: it started over a simple trade issue, now it is a war.

You see, the fat cat, is trying to eat the brave bird, and they usually get away with it, as they have on the other end of Ukraine.

And the cat is getting fatter.

I’m sure Pope Benedict XVI, and his old friend Cardinal Jean Danielou, whom are two great theologians, would not criticize this brief ideal:

And Pope Francis would perhaps emphasis it more, or for that matter the Church Fathers.

On the other hand we must take a stand on our beliefs, if only we could deal with differences.

No: 4699 (written 17 & 18, February, 2014)

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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